In this hackathon, we aim at building useful tools for distributed teams because Covid-19 has changed the way we work, and this is going to be a permanent change - at least to those who can do their jobs from home.

Come and join the HR Hackathon Community on another wild 48 hour design sprint event.

Meet and collaborate with international employers, software developers, HR Tech businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to work together on tech solutions that are meaningful for distributed teams and organisations.

Even if you are a hackathon first-timer or a non-tech person: come along, we'll find the perfect role for you to fill. Everyone is needed, and we usually have many first-timers to try the adventure.

In previous HR Hackathon events, we had participants such as

  • Software Developers
  • Web designers
  • Students or Graduates who wish to get to know the HR Tech industry
  • (Tech) Product managers
  • agile coaches
  • Scrum experts
  • Corporate HR or TA Managers
  • Hiring Managers
  • (Tech) Recruiters
  • HR Tech experts
  • HR Tech businesses
  • Business Angels & Tech Investors

Are you in?


Eva - Founder of the HR Hackathon


Everyone is invited:


Feel free to join the global HR Hackathon community and build meaningful tools, apps and resources for remote and distributed teams and organisations.

Whether you are a tech, business or HR student or an experienced manager, entrepreneur or simply interested in building something useful so that people can work better remotely, do join us on this unique journey.

What you should bring


  • time & commitment: join a team or build a team and commit to working on a project
    • you can work on your own but we'd encourage you work other people
  • availability: from 13th 5 PM CET - 15th November 11:30 PM CET
  • prepare: watch the topic introductory and productivity hack sessions on YouTube
  • motivation
  • an open mind
  • an eagerness to learn and share knowledge
  • a willingness to be an active member in the Slack during the event
  • make a small donation to support our work -> via Eventbrite (thanks!)


Submission Deadline


Final project submissions will have to be posted here on DevPost during the submission period (from  13th - 15th November 2020, 11.30 PM CET)


About your submissions, focus topic, requirements


Build products that help distributed teams and organisations, employees who work remotely and HR (or TA, Tech Recruiters or Hiring) Managers who perform their HR duties remotely during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

From web applications, mobile apps, online resources to hardware devices, feel free to experiment.


Do the research upfront


Let your creative energy flow - but do the homework: research upfront if your product idea already exists in the market. If it does and you still want to build it, make sure to work on the differentiators with regard to the existing product(s). Make your unique value proposition compelling. You can also reach out to our event mentors during the event and ask them for feedback on your idea.


Submission requirements

To showcase your prototype, you will need to upload a 2-minute video pitch. Include a demo or walkthrough of your product. Remember to address the relevant judging criteria (see below). Do also upload it on YouTube and enter the link in your submission.

Submissions must include a name and description of the team members, what problem the entry product solves.

Submissions should include at least a design and a prototype, or simulation where applicable, along with a proposal of next steps, path forward, and a description of the necessary resources and plan to implement the project.

We encourage submissions to include information on how the product incorporates feedback from envisaged end users

Any and all tech stacks are welcome, but we encourage teams to build on tech stacks that are easy to scale and commonly used. Any necessary supplementary files, such as installation files or instructions, should be included with the submission as a single file or a zip.

In your submission on DevPost, include the following as well as the overall project documentation:

  • Project name, name and descriptions of team members
  • 2 minute video pitch (upload on YouTube and post link) showcasing the design, prototype or simulation where applicable - think of a good storyline! Here are some video pitch tips.
  • the initial idea and why you wanted to build it
  • what the product does and which problem it solves
  • how you built it and with what tech stack, tools, APIs
  • what were the biggest challenges while building it?
  • how did you solve them?
  • what are you proud of about this product
  • what are the next steps for the product after the HR Hackathon: Embrace distributed?
  • what are the necessary resources and plan to implement the product
  • if open source: Link to Github repo


All submissions must be handed in by 15th November 2020, 11.30 PM CET.

In order to get public votes, you should make your project submission publicly visible.

Hackathon Sponsors


Website Feature: THE Winner's video on for 2 months

Your prototype video pitch will be placed on the event homepage ( for 2 months.

Get international exposure of your winning prototype and spark the interest of potential investors when I push the Event Website to my global network.

This feature is exclusive, and we actually might add more exposure to the website by running a Facebook Ads campaign to drive even more traffic.

Stay tuned.

Exclusive Podcast Feature at HR's most dangerous Podcast (2)

Firing Squad is a Shark Tank-like podcast -- without all of the billionaires -- focused on the introduction of Recruitment start-ups and their recruitment tech.

Two of the winning teams will join the Firing Squad to pitch their product followed by an all-out assault aka Chad & Cheese Q&A session, and finished off with judgment. Only the strong, smart, and prepared to survive this "in-your-face" opportunity to sell two industry veterans.

Podcast recorded and hosted by Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman.

Live Video Show Feature (5)

All winning teams will be invited to Eva's Live Video Checkin to discuss their products and present it to the audience on:

- LinkedIn Live
- YouTube
- Twitch
- Facebook Pages and FB HR Hackathon Group
- Periscope

Gain more exposure of your product and the winning team and attract potential investors for your project.

Recognition & Awareness (5)

Be named in all event communications after the event: press releases, blog and social media posts.

All winners will be named and their prototypes described in the official blog post (in German on

Also, the official blog post about the winners will be pushed to more than 18,000 social media contacts.

The YouTube pitch videos will be also pushed separately to more than 18,000 global social media contacts.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ambrosia Vertesi

Ambrosia Vertesi
Operating Partner at Operator Collective

Cinzia Ricciardone

Cinzia Ricciardone
Recruiter, CIPD Graduate, Product Leader and Co-Founder at Code4covid

Wendy van Ierschot

Wendy van Ierschot
HR Tech Business Angel

Michael Wilczak

Michael Wilczak
Chief Strategy Officer at iCIMS

Dr. Jean-Luc Vey

Dr. Jean-Luc Vey
Innovation Manager at Deutsche Bank

Judging Criteria

  • Impact for distributed teams / remote HR
    How strong is the product's impact on distributed teams and remote HR. Since "Embrace distributed" is the focus topic of this HR Hackathon, this criterion is the most important.
  • User Experience
    Is the product easy to use? Is the design good and appealing? Mobile and user experience in general.
  • Value Proposition
    Is there a unique value proposition of the product? Is it compelling? Has the research been made and has the team addressed their competitive advantages compared to competitors?
  • Potential Market Size
    Is the product scalable on an international level? Do also think about GDPR.
  • Internationalisation
    Can the product be used globally? Have potential issues and country-specific regulations been taken into account? At least addressed that there are some and that they will be taken care of?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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